Sidney Hong

“Technology commercialization is very valuable to both inventors and companies. I dare say it is much like discovering hidden pearls and extracting and processing them to deliver to customers. My experience in engineering, patent litigation, marketing, sales, and management gives me expertise in finding valuable technologies and matching them with the right customers.”

Sidney’s practice at AMPACC Korea is primarily focused in strategic advising and technology commercialization. Throughout his career, Sidney has developed significant experience in engineering, business development, and patent law. At AMPACC, he uses this technological and business acumen to identify valuable technologies and negotiate deals that maximize their value.

Sidney’s career began with Hyundai Electronics (now SK Hynix) where he gained experience analyzing semiconductor surfaces with SIMS (Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry) and XPS (X-ray Photo Spectroscopy), among others. After 5 years as an analyst, he transferred to the patent team and worked on patent litigation. There, he handled several complex litigation cases, including Rambus, Toshiba, and Sharp.

Sidney has also held leadership roles in business development for tech companies. At Dongbu Electronics, he worked to develop their business in NOR flash devices, CMOS image sensors, and logic devices. As a senior executive at a start-up called Astek he led the company into sapphire wafer production. He directed Astek’s strategic planning, sales, marketing, and technology management until Astek was eventually acquired by DongKuk Steel Group for 26 million dollars.

Prior to joining AMPACC, Sidney discovered his passion for technology commercialization at NIPP (Nice IP Partners). His job at NIPP was to utilize his experience with engineering, patent law, marketing, and development to locate good technologies for commercialization. At AMPACC, Sidney applies the same strategies, and finds great satisfaction in guiding his clients to success through his efforts.


Focus Areas
  • Technology Commercialization
  • Licensing
  • Seoul National University, BS, Chemical Technology