Romano Montecillo


Romano is a technical advisor at AMPACC. His practice focuses on providing patent prosecution services in the area of electronics and mechanical devices. He provides substantial engineering insight to the firm’s clients by leveraging his technical expertise in semiconductor devices and circuit designs.

Romano has been working with Mr. Cho for over 13 years in intellectual property development. Romano has been a member of the AMPACC Law Group since the inception of the firm. His diverse responsibilities include the preparation of drawings for patent applications (e.g., circuit schematics, cross-sectional views, flowcharts), reviewing and editing patent applications for clients, including semiconductor-related technologies (e.g., DRAM, flash memory, RFID, cellular data transmission).  He has substantial experience in filing applications with the USPTO and WIPO with emphasis on filing and prosecuting design applications from preparation to issuance.

Before working in intellectual property law, he worked in the aerospace industry for three years, designing structures for commercial aircrafts using solid modeling CAD software. These structures include honeycomb panels and molds, hard points, seat tracks, overhead bins, and galleys. This provided the opportunity to learn about complex industry standards for manufacturing, testing, and installation of aircraft parts for specialized industry applications including particular designs for military projects.

While obtaining his engineering degrees, Romano worked as a research assistant in a materials lab at the University of Washington for three years, working with advanced polymers and polymer foams. His research projects provided substantial experience in material science from testing the strength of materials to measuring microcellular properties using electron microscopy.


Focus Areas
  • Patent Procurement
  • Patent Evaluation
  • University of Washington, M.S., Electrical Engineering
  • University of Washington, M.S., Mechanical Engineering
  • University of Washington, B.S., Mechanical Engineering