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AMPACC harnesses the strength of your ideas into intellectual property (IP) rights. Our attorneys guide clients of all sizes into leveraging their IP portfolios for growth.  We provide legal expertise tailored to meet the business goals of our clients, regardless of size:  from start-ups and mid-caps to academic institutions and large international companies.  Whether you need to ensure your product is not infringing a valid and enforceable patent, evaluate a particular IP portfolio, or support with managing your IP portfolio, we can help.

Our professionals utilize their legal expertise and business acumen to evaluate portfolios, conduct searches, and construct (non)infringement and (in)validity opinions.  More than that, we can help you navigate through a suite of possible IP rights and monetization efforts in order to maximize the value of your IP.  We can help you develop effective strategies for protecting, asserting, and commercializing your intellectual property, both in the United States and abroad.