Any business or brand should consider trademark cost as a business investment. A trademark has tremendous value as companies continue to expand online and globally. As you build your brand or business, establishing a trademark becomes essential. Technology helps bolster brands’ exposure and gain recognition. The digital landscape also may leave companies vulnerable to competitors or copycats.

A trademark protects your company’s brand from competitors. A registered trademark identifies your business’ products and services. Both small and large companies should invest in the cost of a trademark for protection.

The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) processes trademark applications. Federal trademark registration costs start at $250 per class for one trademark plus legal fees. Depending on your company’s needs, the cost can increase. The USPTO does not issue refunds on any filing fees, which can be a costly mistake.

Hiring a trademark attorney helps make the trademark filing process more manageable. AMPACC has attorneys specializing in U.S. trademark law. Our firm can help streamline the filing process. Registered trademarks protect your business or product name, brand, logo, among other things.

What is a Trademark?

Trademarks protect brand identities and distinguish your goods and services from competitors. You can trademark names, logos, symbols, slogans, and even sounds and colors, to name a few things. Federal trademark registration protects your mark nationwide that may fall victim to infringement.

For an unregistered mark, you can use the trademark (™) symbol on your brand name, logo, words, phrases, or products, regardless of whether you have filed a trademark application. Using ™ shows that you claim rights of the mark and intend to assert your rights against imitators, but it doesn’t give you all the rights and benefits of federal trademark registration. Having the trademark symbol ™ helps consumers identify your brand’s authenticity. Trademarks also help brands grow and gain market recognition.

You can only add the ® symbol once the USPTO approves your registration. The ® indicates that your mark has official recognition by the USPTO. It places potential infringers on notice that you have nationwide rights in the mark. A federal trademark registration gives your business more value in long-term growth.

AMPACC will ensure you have a distinctive identification. The trademark symbol can help deter any parties from infringing on your brand.

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How Much Does It Cost to Trademark a Brand Name?

Before Applying

AMPACC can help you conduct a clearance search to weed out clearly problematic marks. One of our attorneys can handle your trademark application process. We will streamline the registration process for you and save you time and stress.

The trademark application process has complexity. Misunderstanding how to trademark can lead to critical consequences. Our attorneys at AMPACC can keep trademark fees to a minimum. Without the proper knowledge, a registered entity may seek legal action against you for infringement. Our lawyers can help you trademark your name and make the best decision for your brand and business.

Basic online searches looking up the cost and process on how to trademark your name will have many results. The top of page one will feature paid ads. You should approach this information with caution. These websites list misleading and incorrect trademark costs and information. Protect your brand and yourself from misinformation and deceptive business practices.

The USPTO website shows the direct trademark costs and fees. You can get more information from the USPTO by visiting their YouTube channel .

You can watch more videos and learn more about trademark costs and the filing process. Figuring out the exact cost of a trademark requires time and patience. Contact our attorneys at AMPACC to make things easier for you and your business.

Filing an application

To submit a request for trademark registration with the USPTO, AMPACC must apply electronically along with a processing fee. In addition to this non-refundable fee, you need to specify the goods or services your trademark will identify. Your application should also include your basis for filing.

AMPACC will submit your application for a trademark using the TEAS (Trademark Electronic Application System). You can visit the USPTO. Not including legal fees, for a single mark, the TEAS Plus application costs $250 per class of goods or services, whereas the TEAS Standard costs $350 per class of goods or services. An example of additional classes would be your business name in different fonts. Each font would require filing an extra trademark application. Each font or class would cost $250 or $350 plus legal fees. Depending on your needs, AMPACC will help you decide the best application to use.

The Difference Between TEAS Plus and TEAS Standard Trademark Applications

In the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS), the USPTO provides one initial application form with two filing options: TEAS Plus and TEAS Standard, both of which provide a pathway to seek registration.

TEAS Plus application has more up-front requirements to meet but a lower fee of $250. The TEAS Standard filing requires fewer up-front details but has a higher cost of $350; however, you must eventually meet all the application requirements If you fail to meet the requirements of TEAS Plus, you must pay an additional filing fee of $100 per class, and the USPTO will treat your application as a TEAS Standard filing.

The USPTO recommends using the Plus application – it is less expensive and more streamlined. AMPACC can work with you to make the best decision on your trademark application. Our law firm will address any missing documentation during the trademark application process.

The Difference Between Use-in-Commerce and Intent-to-Use Filing Basis

The USPTO processing fees also depend on the filing basis selected. Every application must have a filing basis, and the two most common ones are use-in-commerce and intent-to-use.

Use-in-commerce application means you have already used the mark in commerce, such as selling goods or services in connection with the mark. No additional fees are required for use-in-commerce applications unless the application is abandoned. If an application goes abandoned for failure to respond to an Office Action, a $150 fee is required to revive and resume the application.

Intent-to-use application means you have not yet used your mark at the time of application but intend to use it in commerce. Additional fees are required besides the initial application fees. Within 6 months from the issue date of the notice of allowance, you must file a statement of use or a request for an extension of time to file a statement of use. A statement of use costs $100 per class. A request for an extension of time to file a statement of use costs $125 per class, and the date can be extended at six-month increments, by up to 2.5 years.

After Applying

Once you submit your application, the USPTO will determine if you meet the requirements. The next step the USPTO takes will be to assign you an examining attorney who will ensure that your application meets all other provisions. The trademark filing fees pay for your application’s review and processing. Again, the cost to file a trademark application has no refunds. Every application must be thoroughly complete.

During this process, AMPACC can assist you by responding to any required actions or clarifications that the USPTO may need. If the USPTO requires any additional explanations, you will generally have six months to respond.

Trademark registration has no guarantee. Our trademark attorneys will handle any additional documentation that the USPTO may need.


After approval of your application, the USPTO’s weekly publication will publish your trademark registration in the “Official Gazette.” You can then use the registered trademark symbol ® next to your business name, product name, or logo.

After completing your trademark registration, you no longer need to pay application fees or other fees for five years. If you do not use your ™ or ® symbol after your registration, it can result in legal ramifications. If you seek to file an infringement claim against a party, this could limit any financial damages you may seek.

Trademark Renewal Fees

The registration is valid as long as you continue using the mark and timely file all post-registration maintenance documents and fees. Otherwise, the registration will expire or be canceled.

By the end of the first 6-year period after the registration date, you need to maintain your registration by filing a declaration of use, which costs $225 per class. For example, if the registration date is April 15, 2021, the declaration of use is due on April 15, 2027.

During your trademark’s 9th and 10th year, you need to file a combined declaration of use and application for renewal. These filing fees cost $525 per class. Then every ten years going forward, you will need to submit such a combined filing as part of post-registration maintenance. For example, if the registration date is April 15, 2021, such a combined filing is due on April 15, 2031, April 15, 2041, and every 10 years going forward.

Besides, If your trademark is registered on Principal Register, by the end of the first 6-year period after the registration date, you may file a declaration of incontestability claiming incontestable rights in your trademark by continuously using it for five years, which costs $200 per class. 

Trademark registration fees may change over the years, but the USPTO will have up-to-date information.

How Much Does It Cost to Trademark a Logo?

If you want to trademark your company’s logo, the fees would be the same as filing your name. Each version of your stand-alone logo would cost USPTO processing fees plus legal fees.

However, what might seem like only one mark could in fact be considered several different marks. For example, marks that combine a logo with a name—the name can be one mark while the combination of a logo with the name may be a separate mark. Remember, the USPTO processing fees and legal fees are counted by each mark and each class.

So, if you use your name with a logo, you will have several choices for registration:

  • Register the name alone;
  • Register the logo alone;
  • Register the combined name and logo;
  • Register the name, the logo, and the combination of the name and logo.

The last option provides more legal protection. But if every dollar counts, you could probably start with the combined name and logo, assuming the logo is distinctive. If the logo is not distinctive, you may consider registering the name by itself first.

How Much Does It Cost to Trademark a Slogan?

Similar with a name, each version of your stand-alone slogan would cost the USPTO processing fees plus legal fees. Similar with the combined name and logo, marks that combine a name and with a slogan may be considered as different marks.

Besides, if your slogan uses an unusual typeface, it has two important aspects – the words that constitutes the slogan and look and feel of the typeface. If your budget is enough, you may register both separately. Otherwise, you probably will choose one or the other initially. Generally speaking, you may consider registering the unadorned slogan first, which gives you the flexibility of using the slogan in many different configurations without having to pay for new registrations.

How Much Does a Trademark Attorney Cost?

AMPACC cannot emphasize enough to be cautious while using a general online search while seeking information about trademark costs. On page one, an example of a first search result shows, “$69 Register a Trademark.” One filing fee alone costs $250. Remember, the USPTO does not issue refunds on any application fees you pay, and you may encounter a phishing scam.

AMPACC will provide you with expert legal advice. We have a vast knowledge of the legal and regional requirements while applying for a trademark. Our legal team also understands international classes that the USPTO may require.

Due to the complexity of trademark law, our legal fees will vary depending on your business’ needs. Reach out to us by visiting our website,, to discuss trademark registration costs. We can then assist you through the entire trademark registration process. After applying for your trademark, AMPACC will take any steps that the USPTO requires. Our attorneys can provide additional documentation or further information.

The cost of a trademark comes as an investment in your business or personal brand. By not seeking legal representation, costly mistakes can occur. Two examples include entering an incorrect name or date on your application. One mistake would raise the USPTO’s trademark application fees.

Other mistakes occur when filling out the class line details on the trademark applications. You may want to use one class to save money when you should use two separate classes. Assumptions can be costly. In attempting to cut a corner and save money, trademark costs will double. Sometimes, not adding enough details will add to the trademark cost.

You may list your name or logo under the wrong class, which will increase the trademark registration cost. Failing to respond to any requests the USPTO needs becomes another standard error. AMPACC will handle the entire trademark application process and let you focus on building or growing your brand or business.

What Happens If Someone Copies My Trademark?

In a digital world where e-commerce continues to surge at record highs, your business will see competition globally. The phrases “cheap knock-offs” or “faux” have become common. Imitations occur because a company either did not know how to trademark or did not want to pay the trademark registration cost. AMPACC will help prevent your business from falling victim to infringement.

WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) has all of the information to gain insight into commerce’s global perspective. If you do not protect your products and goods, another business will take your concept and make it theirs.

AMPACC’s legal team specializes in trademark law can help protect any trademark infringement. As you start your business and brand, a trademark becomes an intangible asset and enables you to grow. The investment to trademark your name pays off and protects your company for years.

If you would like to reach out to AMPACC to discuss trademark registration costs, please visit our website at We also specialize in patent law, which also goes through the USPTO and copyright, licensing, and startups.