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The Benefits of A Federal Registration

A trademark is more than a brand. It distinguishes your company from your competitors. It is an effective marketing tool. Most importantly, it identifies you as a source customers trust, thereby protecting your reputation and consumer base. We believe your trademarks are foundational to your business.

why you should register:

Exclusive Nationwide Priority

In the age of the Internet, this would ensure the greatest degree of protection for your mark in the United States, as it grants legal presumption of your exclusive right to the mark in connection with your class of goods and services across the nation.

Expand into the International Market

In case you expand your business internationally, a registered mark can be used as a basis for foreign

Protect Against Infringement

Once registered, you can file for trademark infringement should a competitor infringe on your mark – you may obtain their profits and possibly remedies for damages and attorney fees, as well.

Grant ® Symbol

Indicates federal registration and notifies the public you have exclusive ownership over the mark. Discourages others from using confusingly similar marks and effectively prevents others from registering them.

Prevent Legal Dispute

Your registration is prima facie evidence that establishes the validity of your ownership and your exclusive right to the mark. This presents you with significant advantage in court proceedings.



Running a business is no easy task. You dedicate a substantial amount of time, energy, and financial investment. By registering, you prevent losing money.

Work with a trademark attorney from determining the legal strength of your mark to responding to office actions and filing declaration five to ten years down the line. Our experts are ready to help you ensure your mark‘s protection.

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